Kristina Pescatore
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Chocolat infused with Love and Passion…


Kristina Pescatore handcrafts small batches of organic, fair-trade, single-origin chocolate in Portland, OR.

After living near Paris, where she was enchanted with the romantic culture and allure of chocolat, she reconnected with her desire to create beauty in the world.
Upon returning to the states, many serendipitous encounters awoke her passion for the art of chocolate making.

Her chocolate invites you to pause and melt into the moment...
As you savor the fine flavors of the cacao and the story of the land it originates from.

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Thank you, Kristina, for an incredible chocolate experience. The chocolate was delectable. The experience divine. Your passion can be tasted. Every bite has been savored. I *STRONGLY* suggest everyone join the chocolate CSA and definitely buy her chocolates. 💗🍫
— Erica R.
Received this package today from Kristina Pescatore. This chocolate is rich, so smooth, delicious and the best I’ve ever had. Thank you 🌹🍫❤️
— Donna N.
I’ve been savoring my Oko Caribe 72% bar from Dominican Republic for several days and trying to explore the flavors, texture, and whole experience of enjoying it in small portions. The aroma is rich chocolate and the texture is very smooth as it slowly melts. I taste initial citrus notes, some green apple, and rich vanilla and butter. The taste lingers very pleasantly when, sadly, it is gone. It’s a great chocolate bar and wonderful indulgence.
— Allen L.
I just had a bite of your chocolate, that may be the best chocolate I have EVER tasted!! So many flavors, one after the next, it is so rich and full and delicious! Wow.
— Cecily C.
Getting cozy, making myself a “writing nest” for the night, and starting off this time to honor my own creative healing with some decadent chocolate from Kristina Pescatore’s CSA. This months stash from Belize, Toledo knocked my socks off! Fruity with earthy after-notes. Hands down better than grocery store chocolate and worth savoring. 😊
— Rachel A.
Received a lovely package in the mail today!! This chocolate is so delicious, warm and comforting. Absolutely wonderful! It’s helping me get through some serious studying today.
— Liz W.